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Child’Space: Reaching, Rolling, Crawling, Cruising!

Babies 5 months and older 

4 Week Series
Wednesdays at 11:00am-11:45am
July 8-July 29, 2015
Centerspace Wellness Studio (next to Meiklem Kiln Works), Solar Studio
46 Lebanon Rd, Bozrah, CT 06334

$56 for 4 Week Series
Walk-In $20 per class

Touch is a baby’s first language. This Child’Space class is for babies from 6 weeks up to independent walking. In this gentle, joyful class, parents learn to support their baby’s development through touch and movement. A parent’s touch can help babies become more comfortable in many positions including tummy-time. A specific quality of touch is used to “map” the baby’s body awareness in his/her brain that leads to new brain connections and improves movement. Parent/baby interaction can influence how and when a baby discovers new ways of moving, such as reaching and rolling. This class focuses on the learning of movements that will become the building blocks for balanced, coordinated rolling, sitting, crawling, walking and more, always considering the individual child’s pace.

Child’Space promotes an environment where a baby can learn through curiosity and experimentation. Parents/caregivers learn instructive touch, handling, songs and games that they can use each day to support development and strengthen bonding. Parents also learn answers to their questions about their baby’s development, find new confidence as a parent, and also notice other positive changes in their babies after learning Child’Space Method, such as improved ability to self-soothe, and improvements with feeding and sleeping.

To Register, please visit:

I look forward to meeting you and learning with you and your amazing baby!

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